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Basic Lawn Care Program

The T.B. basic lawn program includes all the necessary chemical applications needed to maintain a beautiful healthy lawn. It all starts with the soil.  A proper soil pH will deliver more nutrients directly to the plant.  T.B. utilizes liquid and granular chemical applications to ensure that we deliver the correct nutrient or chemical needed for proper turf growth.  The first thing we do in the program is pull a soil sample off your lawn to ensure that we fully customize a lawn program specific to your turfs needs.  

  • Spring pre-emergent herbicide applications to help prevent crabgrass and other nasty unwanted weeds.

  • Slow release fertilizers are incorporated in all of our lawn treatments to ensure a steady rate of green growth.

  • Micronutrients are utilized in our custom applications to keep your lawn green during the hot summer months. 

  • Granular starter fertilizers are applied in the fall to deliver a blast of potash needed for proper seed germination. 

  • Timely herbicide applications to control clover, henbit, chickweed, dandelions and many more invasive weeds. 

  • High nitrogen winterizer application for cool season grasses to ensure a green lawn all winter long

  • Early winter pre-emergent to  Bermuda grasses to prevent poa-annual and other nasty green winter weeds.

  • Basic program includes 7 timely applications through the year to ensure a better lawn for your family. 

Luxury Lawn Care Program

The T.B. luxury lawn care program includes everything in the basic lawn program and more.  Enjoy the benefits of monthly applications to your lawn and give yourself peace of mind knowing that your lawn is getting all the proper nutrients it needs to stand out in a crowd.  This program includes pH adjustments to your soil, lime applications , additional pre-emergent applications and additional nutrients as well as aeration and seeding.  our technicians are state licensed and have been trained by T.B. to deliver the applications to your property in the correct and most professional manner possible.  T.B. lawns are greener and healthier than our competitions lawns and we guarantee you that your lawn will be the greenest lawn on the street.  

Specials and Discounts:

  • $25.00 Off first service to all new clients.

  • $25.00 Off each time your refer a friend, family member or neighbor. 

  • $50.00 Off aeration for active military, and first responders.

  • 10% Application discount for senior citizens and veterans.