Lawn fertilizing services for Murfreesboro Tennessee and the surrounding areas.  1/2 off first lawn application. 


At T.B. our lawn fertilizing goes above and beyond that of our competitors to give you the most beautiful lawn at an affordable price.  T.B. program starts by giving your lawn the proper blend of nutrients it needs on the very first application to immediately start correcting any problems.  


Our monthly service with custom blended mixes of nitrogen and other micro-nutrients are carefully chosen to match your lawns needs and keep your lawn green and healthy.  


We use a combination of lawn care application methods to make sure your lawn gets the best care possible.  Our granular fertilizers deliver high doses of nutrients directly to the root system to promote a thick healthy lawn while keeping insect and disease to a minimum.  After all the best way to keep insects and disease out is to have a nice thick healthy lawn. 


Our liquid applications are used are used to help keep a deep green lush lawn without the lawn growing out of control.  This is a great way for us to manage the growth rate of the turf while keeping it green and healthy.  Our liquid applications allow us to combine fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides which is the most efficient form of pest control on the market today.