Insecticides & Fungicides

Specialty lawn applications for Murfreesboro Tennessee and surrounding areas.  1/2 off first lawn application. 

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T.B. offers specialty lawn care applications to warm season and cool season grasses in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  T.B. monthly service includes insect control (grubs, armyworms) and disease control (brown patch, dollar spot).  

Brown patch can quickly destroy a fescue lawn during the hot summer months.  Our liquid fungicide applications target the disease instantly.  If untreated the brown patch can destroy large patches of the turf in just a few short days.  The combination of the heat and humidity will quickly make that lush green lawn an eye sore.  Our fungicide applications our included in our monthly service and will prevent and eliminate many nasty diseases that can damage your turf.  

Grub worms and Army worms are present in Murfreesboro Tennessee lawns.  T.B. lawn applications promote insect prevention and removal.  In just a matter of days these nasty invasive insects will quickly move through your lawn leaving death and destruction in its wake.  Repairs to these insect infestations can be very costly and can also be prevented if the lawn is taken care of properly.  T.B. has years of knowledge and experience removing and preventing these damaging insects.