Aeration & Seeding 

Aeration and seeding services for Murfreesboro Tennessee and surrounding areas.  1/2 off first lawn application. 

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Compacted soil is a major contributor to poor root development in many Murfreesboro Tennessee lawns, and poor root development prevents a lush green lawn.  Soil compaction is a natural process and is caused by many factors including pets, kids, lawn equipment and many other typical causes.  Another major issue is the contractor usually does not backfill or finish grade with topsoil and uses fill dirt or whatever is available leaving the homeowner with the problem.  

Annual aeration is a highly effective method of fixing the problems of compacted soil and promoting healthy root growth that leads to lush green lawns. 

Our technicians will carefully inspect your lawn for shading, tree roots, irrigation heads and valve boxes prior to aeration.  After the inspection a T.B. technician will aerate your entire lawn with a commercial aerator used to penetrate your soil and remove thousands of turf plugs.  Aeration greatly enhances the nutrient uptake of your turf.  The plugs will break down over the next few weeks and re-enter the lawns ecosystem.